Drum Roll Please

Mailed blog – written by Julian

26 Feb 11

Ladies and gents, the results are in for Specialist Plamann’s final PT test, and boy let me tell you, these numbers are a real humdinger.  Now let me remind you folks, to graduate from BCT you need to score above a 50 percent on each category, for a total over 150 points.  To start Officer Candidate School, you must be over 60 percent in all three.

My goal before entering BCT, was to leave with 60’s across the board.  Today I blew those expectations out of the water.  Truly, it wouldn’t matter to me what the actual numbers ended up to be, just as long as I did better than yesterday and gave it my all. I cannot express how amazing it feels to kick your own ass.  Yes, I’m pretty proud.  There’s a lot of pride in the air today and the assassins are standing pretty tall.

How’s that for suspense?   Are you guys ready for the numbers?  In my first PT test.   I did 16 push ups, 35 sits ups, and two miles in 20 minutes flat. (as a reminder, for the sit ups and push ups you have two minutes to perform as many repetitions as  you can.)  well today, I was a regular PT Wonder Woman.  I completed 38 push ups for a score of 85 percent, 54 sit ups for 70 percent, and a two-mile run in 18:05 for 81 percent.  My total score was a 236 and I couldn’t be more excited.  With the progress I’m making I definitely think a perfect 300 is in my future… somewhere.

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4 Responses to Drum Roll Please

  1. Angela Young says:

    WAY TO GO JULIAN!!! You are a machine:) There was never a doubt that whatever you set your mind to, you would knock it out of the park! Well done!!

  2. Danielle Meehan says:

    YAHOOO!! You are a rock star!

  3. Katie Wolfrath says:

    You are one amazing soldier, Plamann! I love that you “kick your own ass”. Your blogs are so entertaining. Keep ’em comin’! XO,Cousin Kate

  4. Mira says:

    woo hoooo! what a rockstar! i can’t wait until you get home and run laps around us all!!

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