Gomez Blog 3

 Mailed blog – written by Julian’s Battle Buddy “Gomez”

4 March 11

Dear Plamann Blog:

Hey y’all!  Today as we completed our final march, which consisted of what is known as “Drag Hill Brother’s” march.  It all went well except for the fact that we had to wait (which felt like a lifetime) to each chow.  The rest of day is what drill sergeants love to call “weapons maintenance,” before was called cleaning weapons.  Clever thinking drill sergeant!  Next week Vic Forge, and then graduation….and then I have the opportunity to myself some real coffee. MRE coffee is starting to get old, and I’m tired of begging folks for their coffee. 

Everyone here is going crazy, and it’s driving Plamann and I crazy, but we are somehow able to manage.  It’s nice that we have been able to get to know everyone here, and the sense of brotherhood/sisterhood is definitely there.  Today Plamann and I donated to the AER program too, which surprised me that there wasn’t more people.  I figure if you pay X amount of money for horrible food here, why not donate/contribute to something that is necessary.  Tonight, VIC FORGE PREP, and tomorrow.  I believe all will go well, and the moment when I meet Mom & Pops Plamann will be soon.

Take care y’all.

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2 Responses to Gomez Blog 3

  1. Anne Wiegman says:

    Thanks for sharing Gomez and for partnering with our own Julian! Since she has impeccable taste, I know you must be a sweetheart too. Thank you for your sacrifice for our country and best of luck to you as you go forward.
    Julie’s Aunt Annie & Uncle Bruce

  2. Kim Fenske says:

    Seriously need to get you girls some good coffee! 🙂 Congrats as you are one step closer to completely this portion of your journey. Thanks for doing what I could never do! You and Plamann are an inspiration to many. I appreciate your service and desire to protect our freedom. Thank you!!!

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