G is for Goodbye

Twas the night before ship out and all through my sack, zip lock bags were bursting of undergarments of white and toiletries all tagged.

I can’t believe tomorrow’s the day I’m shipping out.  It’s FINALLY here.  The build up has been huge and I’ve said goodbye to…well basically everything and everyone.  Some goodbyes are sweet, like the one to my niece who gave me a homemade walkie talkie connected to her heart so she can always hear me.  Some are full of flair, like waving my hand out the window all the way down School Road until out of sight from my mom.  Some are uneasy, like the one to my grandfather who’s getting up in years.  But almost all have been full of tears.  Enough, I’m emotionally exhausted!

Therefore, this is the last post I will be able to enter personally.  From here my parents, Pam and Tom, will upload letters I have sent them.  I’ll try to maintain my wit and proper grammar, but the letters will be penned under flashlight by a girl with very heavy eyelids and sore muscles.  From here on it might be more of a journal/time line style.

As soon as my address has been issued, it will be posted here.  Please don’t be shy, send MANY letters!  My only ask is that they be letters and photos only.  However much I love you, I don’t want to have to do extra push ups for receiving contraband.  I have a feeling I’ll miss being connected to the news and tabloid world, so any info from the outside will be gladly gobbled up.  Like, will Pawlenty make a run in 2012 and will LiLohan make it through 2011?  Also, I’ll really miss music.  I’d love to receive song lyrics so I can rock out in my head.  Really, just anything you have to say will be soaked up.

I like to be all tough and feisty, but this is a challenge guaranteed to have definite low points.  I ask you to keep all the love and prayers flowing in my direction, they will surely be much needed.

With that, here I go! Love you all!

About Julian P.

I'm in the Minnesota Army Guard now. That's pretty awesome. I'm excited to see where this will take me, the people I'll meet, things I'll learn, and places I'll go. Along the way, I'll share my adventures here on this blog. Much love and a thousand HOOAHS!
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