Week 1 – Parent Version

Hello G.I. Jules fans –

Well, we have talked to Julian about 4 times since she had arrived at Fort Jackson.  She sounds GREAT!   She prefers I hold off from giving you too many details – as she is writing her own blog notes every day and will mail them for me to post.  She’d like her experiences to be in her own words and Julian is an excellent writer (many of you know that).  So you can  look forward seeing it!

Here are just a few snippets in a “Parents Version”.  Her first week is what they call “Reception”  which is  full of in-processing stuff — paperwork, appointments etc.  She “loves” her ACU’s (camo clothes/uniform) – she really really does.  In fact, I can’t wait to hear how she writes about them — i.e. texture, color, top stitch.   Julian got a top bunk – but she is totally ok with that – 18 inches of space from the ceiling and she shares it with an air duct.

Today – Sat, Jan. 8 –  is a BIG day.  She will be handing over her civilian belongings to the military secured storage – and that includes her phone!   So most of her communication will be by snail mail.  I am hoping her last call today will be filled with information on how we can write to her – I will relay that info as soon as I get it.  But the BIG part of today is the real start of her physical basic training.  Jules has a female drill sergeant and Jules is clear she should NEVER make the mistake of calling her “SIR”.   Oh my, let’s pray for that one!

Please be assured Julian hangs on every word of encouragement you have given her – Many of the soldiers have a broad (good to very poor)  range of support from home/friends/family.  Julian feels she is really walking on solid ground mentally.  And – of course – her faith is her stronghold.

So fans – stay tune – keep sending her those prayers…….especially on the No “Sir”  Yes “Mame” prayer!

by:  Pamela (Mom) Plamann

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3 Responses to Week 1 – Parent Version

  1. Danielle says:

    Yay! Thanks for the update. I was so excited/surprised to get a text from her the other night. I’ve been thinking about her all week. Can’t wait to hear more about her adventures!

  2. Pamela (Mom) Plamann says:

    Update on Julian’s final call: Just got it at 9:30 a.m. it was a mere 10 secs …

    She said “Hi Mom – I’m doing great – this is my last call for 9 weeks.”
    I said – “Do you have an address?”
    She said “I’ll have to send you that – bye love ya!”

    Whew – that was a VERY short call – but she sounded ready!
    Love ya Jules!

  3. Diana says:

    Thank you for posting about Julian’s adventures!! It will be great to know how she is doing.
    Just a fyi: I potentially could get a call from Julian once she graduates. Why you ask? I currently work for LHI which assists reservist in scheduling medical and dental appointments. I know the chances of hearing from her in particular a slim… but its neat to know that my company could/will be serving her in the future.

    Go Jules!!

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