ACU’s, ACU’s, camo, camo

Mailed blog – written by Julian

06 Jan 11

Wow, we all look like soldiers now.  It’s a sea of camouflage.  When we stand in formation, we are heel to toe, and with our hats just above our eyebrows, really all we can see is camo….three inches from our faces.  You all know how in love I am with America, and I haven’t lost that.   It’s so cool to see a platoon in formation. 

People have been defending their nation since the beginning of time.  It seems like basic  human instinct.  And we’re doing it.  Regardless of why each of us made this decision, we all are going to be formed into warriors and fight for freedom!

Todays events; lots of shots!  No, not the fun ones, big bad needle ones.   They sent us through the line so fast. BOOM, boom, boom!  About four in each arm.  By the time we got out – blood was trickling down our arms.  Other than that, more sitting and waiting.  There will be about 250 in our whole company and they have to in-process all soldiers before sending us down range.  That’ll be interesting….

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