“That looked like a bunch a do-do”

Mailed blog – written by Julian

09 Jan 11

Day two at the Trailer Park was again surprisingly manageable.   More briefings and chow.  Chow is getting better.   We only get 90 seconds at the most to eat our food.  That’s pretty hard.   You learn fast to get foods that “go down easy.”  It’s kinda gross.  You have to drink and eat in the same mouthful.   I’ve never been a fan of that.  Chow, while it’s the best times of the day, it’s also a bit stressful.  It’s the one time of day the drill sergeants can get a real good look at you.   Man, they’ll yell at you for anything.  But if the worse thing I’ve been  yelled at for so far is not keeping my feet together at the salad bar.  Well then I can live with that.   Now, to the drill sergeants.  I’m glad I got the ones I did.  They’re mean, but not as psycho scary as some of the others.  We have DS Happy Smiley.   I’ve yet to see him get mad, but I’m sure I will.   He has this perma smile on whenever he is talking and is always glad to answer any qquestions you have.  Then there’s DS Holy Crap.  She’s not so smiley.   Here’s a sampling of her daily lingo…”Holy crap, privates, holy crap.  You all are a buncha re-re’s that just looked like a buncha do-do.  I already know which one of y’alls are goin home” (said in a southern accent)  I’m glad we got those two because there are some that yell a heck of a lot more.  Like DS Ham Sandwich, for instance.   He always says, “Good NIGHT!  Y’all lookin like a ham sandwich out there.”  Not sure what that means, but it’s funny.  So, I guess we’re still at day zero and it’s all supposed to start tomorrow.  Things have been just fine so far and the first week really flew by.  If they all go that fast, this’ll be just fine.   Tiredness and pain come and go in waves.  Whenever my feet don’t hurt, I thank God and think it must be all of you cheering for me back home that’s taking the pain away.

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