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26 Jan 11

It finally happened….Mail call!  I was so excited to hear word from the outside world.  We are truly isolated here and privy only to the information they feed us.  It was awesome to hear from my mom, it was just like talking to her every day… which I miss!  A gigantic shout out to her and my pop for keeping this blog rolling while I’m training.  Please send lots of letters, the encouragement I get from them is so uplifting.

Big happening #2 of the day, Mable and I zeroed!  That means I shot 8 of 10 rounds in a neat little 4 cm circle in the center mass of the target.  This was supposed to be accomplished yesterday but for whatever reason I was shooting all over the place.  Today about 60 of us went back and I had no problem, bang, bang, bang.  Have no idea what the deal was yesterday.

I am praying constantly throughout the day.  These tasks are really challenging and I really can’t do it on my own.  I’ve got some good Christina friends to lean on here.  We’re always sharing stories of how God is answering our prayers.  For example, the other day before chow our Senior Drill Sergeant told us to eat light because we were gonna get smoked so hard we’d all be tasting dinner on the way back up.  My buddy King really couldn’t handle the thought of getting smoked (or pukeing) so she prayed her heart out we wouldn’t.  After dinner — no smoking.  I’ve really had some answered prayers the last few days.  My hip joints have been bothering me.  It’s a common ailment for females during training – our anatomy takes a beating from all the running, squatting, and especially marching.  We march about 3 total miles every day with about 40 pounds of gear on.  Anyway, I’ve been stretching and praying this hip pain will just go away.  Monday, for whatever reason we didn’t march to the shooting range, we got bused in.  Today our 8K march was cancelled; it was too windy, rainy, and cold.  And then tomorrow our DS asked for two volunteers, Gomez and I signed up.  We’ll have range duty, which means we’ll go to the shooting range early to set things up.  No marching either, we’ll get driven in a van.  Hopefully by the time I have to march hard again, the hip pain isn’t an issue.  God is great!  Say some prayers for me.

Anyway, with the range duty on top of our fire guard duty we have to wake up at 0340 tomorrow.  Yikes!  Man, I’m gonna love sleeping in when this is all over — That and just lounging on the couch.  Yes, please!

Today was hump day, the week is downhill from here and that means another successful week at Basic Combat Training will be complete.  The next two weeks will be spent at the range.  As our company says to motivate good shooting, “Shoot ‘em in the head, shoot ’em in the head, KILL!”  With that — goodnight my dearies.

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  1. Angela Young says:

    Hey Julian! I will be praying about your hips! I don’t know to the extent you have it, but I have taken a few hiking trips with Ryan with 40-50 pack and had hip pain and know what it feels like. Yes, I will be praying for that specifically!! God does answer prayer and I am thankful that He is making Himself “visible” to you all that He is there and listening. Oh ya, and way to shoot girl:) You rock!!

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