Dressed in blues, but so not blue

Mailed blog – written by Julian

14 Feb 11

My face is beaming right now.  It’s Valentine’s Day and even though I’m ending the day completely exhausted, I feel great because I know I am so loved.  Seven letters came my way today (three from Mom & Dad, Mary, Aunt Glo, Aunt Gayle, and Sharon V.)!  Okay, Gomez just busted me for writing this with a goofy grin on.  The timing was perfect as tomorrow morning we start a three-day exercise out in the field and I really needed the energy from the letters you guys send.  Thanks!

Today was a long day of waiting.  We got fitted in our dress blues, or Army Service Uniform as they’re technically called.  They do a pretty good job of getting all of us in fitted and altered.  My uniform is snug as a bug, so that’s good incentive to stay fit and trim.  While it’s nice to have this uniform (it’s pretty expensive if you have to buy it yourself), I will never get to wear it in its current state.  We will be graduating in our ACU’s (camo).  Bummer, I know.  There was a rumor going around that you don’t wear your dress uniforms if you graduate during a time of war.  Not sure if there’s any truth to that, but stay tuned.  The next opportunity I have to wear a dress uniform will be at my graduation from Officer Candidate School (OCS) and the uniform I got today will have to go through a major makeover for that event.

The hall in which we waited for our alterations had big photos of 9-11 displayed on the walls.  The tears of frustration from that day are still fresh in my memory.  Seeing those photos reminded me how I felt.  Here I am today, preparing and strengthening myself to stand up and ensure that never happens to our country again.  It feels good to be carrying out in action what I have always believed in my heart; this country is worth fighting for.  All the cold nights, tummy grumbles, and never-ending fatigue are far worth the price of freedom.  God Bless America!

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6 Responses to Dressed in blues, but so not blue

  1. Angela Young says:

    I can just see you in your dress blues. I really have a very vivid mental picture. All the way down to the pride in your smile of how you are so proud to be an American and that you truly truly deserve to wear that very important uniform.

  2. gayle w springer says:

    Hi Julie – I’m so happy that you got my mail…..and I sure hope there is a photo of you in your dress blues somewhere – I’m curious about how you are doing your hair – it has always been so cute!! I suppose they don’t let you go out for a cut and color, huh?
    lots of love from Naples
    auntie gayle

  3. colleen lehrer says:

    I love reading your letters! I can picture the things as you describe them. We are proud and thankful to have you represent our country. I commented before about the pushups, ( I’m still working on them, it’s not very pretty). Thanks Pam for sharing these letters and thankyou Julian for letting her.

  4. Diana says:

    Julian, you make me proud to be your “cousin”, your sister-in-Christ, and an American! Keep truckin’, Love, Aaron, Diana, Eli, & Gideon Holub

  5. Penny Techlin says:

    … verklempt… ; }

  6. Kim Fenske says:

    I remember 9-11 quite vividly. The emotions, the fear of that day will always linger for me. Thank you for enduring the “cold nights, tummy grumbles, and never-ending fatigue” to keep our country free and secure. God Bless America! Thanks, Julian!

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