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22 Feb 11

My what a difference a night makes.  Last night I said some big prayers and gave myself a good talking to.  I see people around me breaking a lot of rules, but that’s their issue.  I don’t need to judge them.  The only thing I can do is be the best me, give 110%, and lead by example.  So that’s what I woke up this morning to do.

Like most days, we played outside.  Before getting started on the hand grenade qualification course, a drill sergeant got us all fired up.  I’m usually pretty loud when sounding off, but today I guess I was noticeably revved up.  The DS got right in my face and was just staring at me.  “Private, what is  your name?” I screamed, “Plamann, drill sergeant!!!”  Clearly impressed with my boisterity, he ordered me front and center of the whole company.  “Plamann, and Plamann only, are you motivated?”   And I sounded off with a blood curdling version of our motivation chant which goes like this:

  • Motivated, motivated, Ooh ,ahh I wanna kill someone
  • Ooh, ahh, I wanna stab someone
  • Shoot ’em in the face, shoot ’em in the face
  • Kill ’em!

Then he asked to hear my battle cry.  After that the whole company was having a real good laugh.   It may have also added to the humor that my battle cry included a battle dance.  You know me, acting like a goofball in front of 170 soldiers.  For the rest of the day whenever I saw that DS, I gave him my battle cry and he’d just shake his head.

The training was pretty fun.  It was warm and sunny and we got to play soldier in the woods and throw dummy grenades.  We got graded on 7 different stations.  Each had a different scenario where grenades are used; in a bunker, in a fox hole, laying down, standing up, kneeling, throwing into a bunker, and throwing into a vehicle.  We had to pass 5 out of 7 and that’s what I got.  Phew!

I’m really thankful my doldrums passed.  Hey, BCT is kinda tough.  It makes it better if you approach it with a sunny attititude…and motivation of course. 

A thanks to my letter writers of the day:  Mom and Dad, Mary, Auntie Gayle, and Danielle!  I love hearing from you guys.  I  get absolutely NO news from the outside world, so the newsy letters I received were much appreciated.  I’ll try to write back as I can, but all my writing is done after lights out and after a very long day of soldiering.

Praying for a tomorrow with less aches, more cheer, and increased grenade accuracy!

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2 Responses to Motivated

  1. colleen lehrer (mom's friend from work also) says:

    Keep up the great work, tried to post a couple of comments did not take. Impressive

  2. Lori Hammerseng says:

    Those pep talks with God carries us through. Keep your chin up and your sense of humor.
    Continue to be the strong intelligent person you are. Your an amazing woman!

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