And the climb starts

Mailed blog – written by Julian

12 Jan 11

It’s a steep hill and we started climbing it today.  Today was full of some challenges.  The PT really was stepped up.  We got “smoked” a lot.   That’s when they punish us for….well, pretty much everything by having us do push-up, arm claps, roof raisers.  yeah, lots of that today.  Also, it’s still really cold out.  I mean really, like 35 degrees.   We spent ALL day outside, with the exception of two classes and chow time.  And, they yelled at me for my hair.   Apparently it looks like crap.   I try really really hard to keep it neat.   You should see me… I look like Elvis.   It’s all slicked and pinned back.  Not sure what else I can do, considering I can’t get it cut or cut it myself.  But tomorrow I’ll try a new technique so at least they see I’m making an effort.   Saturday we can go to the PX.   I’m gonna buy a gallon of hair gel.  So yeah, it was a low day.   But it went by fast and I’m thankful for that.

Todays events:   We marched way over to the other side of the base to take some computerized tests to made sure we’re all still doing okay mentally.   I got the green light, I haven’t lost it yet 🙂  Also, we learned how to take apart our M-16’s and put them back together.   That was fun and surprisingly easy.   Lastly, we learned to cadence formation for chow.   You really have to see it, it’s cool.   The drill sergeants are really competitive with other companies, so they came up with this sweet new way we enter the DFAC (dining facility).  Their competitiveness is also why they’re so  hard on us.   I can appreciate and understand that.   And, wait for it….we FINALLY got a briefing on mail,  I’m sure my folks will post a separate blog on where to write.   I have heard I will have to do push ups for every letter, so consolidate envelopes when you can!


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