Mailed blog – written by Julian

14 Jan 11

I’m so tired right now.  It’s 2122, I’ve been up since 0430 and I have fire guard at 0300.  Today we had our first PT assessment.  I did pretty okay.  I did 17 push-ups in 1 minute.  They were so perfect that every rep counted.  AND the DS said “good form”.   Many people  had no reps count due to bad form.  My sit ups were at 26 in one minute and my run was a 9:10 mile, putting me in the B running category.  I’m glad to not be in C (there’s A, B, and C depending on your speed).  All of us older privates kicked butt and generally did much better than the youngsters.   There are only a hand full of young girls in our bay, we range 18-31 years old.  There’s also a lot of moms here, which I can appreciate because moms know everything.  also, I have never seen a crew of such tatted up ladies.  We ALL have tattoos, only 2 or 3 don’t, it’s pretty funny because every shower time we chat it up about our ink.

My battle buddy is great.   Her name is Vanessa Gomez.   She is 26, from Austin Texas, and has a six-year old cutie pie daughter named Felicity.  We are both really low-key and chill, which is so nice to have in a battle buddy.  We already have a lot of inside jokes.  She is a huge fan of cowboy boots, being from Texas, and we both have a pair of ARIAT boots, which are the best.   She lot the key to her wall locker and while we wait for the bolt cutter to arrive, she’s wearing a pair of my underwear.  So, yeah, we’re close.  Put 30 women together in one room and after 2 weeks, nothing is off-limits.

That’s enough, I’m off to sleep!

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4 Responses to Sharing

  1. Anne Wiegman says:

    Thanks for sharing Julie. You are a great writer!
    Keep up the great work. You inspired me to do a few push ups…

  2. gayle w springer says:

    Oh, Julie – makes me want to get a tattoo, too! Think about that one!!! I think about you all the time, and am tentative to send snail mail because I don’t want to cause you to have to do more pushups…….

  3. Penny Techlin says:

    …Julian- Thanks for the inspiring words… you rock!

  4. colleen lehrer says:

    You inspire me to keep working on the push-ups! Keep up the great work. You don’t know me but I do know your mom and she sure is proud of you:)

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