Sunrise, Sunset

Mailed blog – written by Julian

15 Jan 11

In all things I try to find the good and take pleasure in the small things in life.  One of the benefits of such long days is that I get to see the sunrise and set.  The colors have been very beautiful.    Never mind that the sun rises while I’m doing the front leaning rest for 5 minutes (that’s the “up” position of the push up), or that it sets as I’m marching in formation for the kabillionth time that day.  It’s still pretty and I’m thankful for that. 

Today we did PT for two hours before breakfast.  It wasn’t terrible.  I made it.  This was the first day it was actually nice out.  We spent most of it outdoors marching, practicing our movements (left face, right face, present arms), and learning land navigation.  It was a great day.  Good weather, fresh air, learned some cool stuff, and we didn’t get smoked.

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