Mailed blog – written by Julian

01 Feb 11

“Awe shit, privates.”  Sorry for the profanity, but there’s a lot of it around here.  That’s what the Senior Drill Sergeant (the Big Cheese DS) says whenever he sees Gomez and me together.  You see, you’re supposed to go EVERYWHERE with your battle buddy.  Like connected at the hip.  Well, Gomez and I are one of the only pairs that actually stick together all day through everything and the Senior DS gets a huge kick out of this.  So his “Aww, shit,” is more in amazement then anything.  He’ll give us pop quizzes about each other, which we always pass and he finds humor in that.  If we get separated into different training groups we get really upset and he always tries to reconnect us.  Today at chow he told us if we want to win “the prize,” we need to finish the last bite our meals together.  We’ve heard there actually is a Battle Buddy of the Cycle Award and Gomez and I are determined to get it.  We get a big kick out of the Senior DS’s big kicks, so that makes us try even harder to stick together like glue.  All of the drill sergeants are starting to notice the dedication the Plamann/Gomez team has toward one another.  It’s funny.  Just a little game to help ease this training.  Anyway, the Plamann/Gomez team has done nothing but go to the range.  We have fourteen days in a row of shooting, so my daily updates are all the same lately, “went shooting!”  A very redundant story.  Well, Gomez is almost done writing her letters and since we do everything as one, I should wrap it up too.   And…she’s done.

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