“Operation Face”

 Mailed blog – written by Julian

02 Feb 11

It was a rainy, Fort Jackson morning, perfect to start “Operation Face.”  Lately the drill sergeants have really been on us about our motivation level.  They can only give us how much we give them.  True, True.  So during our platoon classroom time, the 3rd platoon Death Dealers  decided swift action needed to be taken immediately.  We melded our brain power, and “Operation Face” was born.  The name of this mission comes from our Senor Drill Sergeant’s favorite place to shoot the enemy, “In the FACE!” We learn so much from him everyday.  With “Operation Face,” the Death Dealers concluded to scream at the top of our lungs and to move at lightening speed for just one day and watch the results we get from the drill sergeants.  After just five minutes the outcome was clear.  The drill sergeants loved seeing us that motivated and our morning PT routine went much easier.  So we stood in the pouring rain, covered in mud and sand, and screamed, “KILL, KILL, KILL!”  All before the sun came up.

When the sun did shine its face, we headed out to the range.  I had a really bad time with the single targets, the way the light was hitting them was making it really heard to see.  Even more frustrating is the feedback I’ve been getting, “Wow, Private, that sucked.  You need to work on that.”  But no real tips on how to improve.  Tomorrow is pre-qualification day and Friday is qualification day.  I hope they’re good shooting days for me, because (no pun intended) it’s been real hit or miss lately. Ha!  I need to hit 23 out of 40 targets, otherwise you get pulled out and sent to the start of basic training.  That’s sure not going to happen, so wish me some luck and send me some prayers.

Gomez and I got a “F***ing, battle buddies of the week!” from Senior Drill Sergeant today.  We’re doing it ….together!

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