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03 Feb 11

Bang, bang qualification day.  Nice and freezing cold.  I took deep breaths, had a long talk with the good Lord and Mabel and “applied the fundamentals” as I was taught.  I shot 27 of the 40 targets which qualified me as a Marksman shooter on the first try.  I would have liked to have done better, but considering my horrible day of shooting yesterday, I should be very grateful.  Twenty nine would have earned me the title of Sharpshooter and 36 is an Expert.  A Marksman isn’t anything special, but I did qualify and now that’s over.  As I was shooting it started sleeting and I thought my hands were going to break into a million pieces they were so cold.  I’d really like some of that nice weather we had last weekend.  Any time now, okay God?

The Death Dealers once again showed we are the superior platoon and out performed the others, earning us the Basic Rifle Marksmanship award of the cycle.  Our guidon (flag) now has a BRM ribbon hanging from it.  That really pumped us up .  Our drill sergeant was so proud of us.  She is way competitive and this is her last cycle as a drill sergeant, so it meant a lot to her to win today.  So much so that she let us eat the candy in our MRE’s.  I got M&M’s!  And…she’s letting us use our cell phones tomorrow!  See, it really pays to shoot those targets in the face.

As we’re nearing the halfway point, tensions are high and spirits are low.  Even as we accomplish these great feats, we get so worn down both physically and mentally .  I’m feeling like I’m coming down with something, it’s truly Germville around here.  That and I really need a letter from home to lift my spirits.  But I’ve got some great friends here.  We’re all going to make it and we’re doing it together!

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