Athletic Champion

Mailed blog – written by Julian

08 Feb 11

Yes, I’m referring to myself.  To some of you back home, you might not believe that.  My report from yesterday was quite skeptical of the PT test today, but I rocked it like a Champion.  I didn’t think I had it in me, considering all my aches and general level of energy.  But rah, rah, sis boom bah! Itty, poo, itty!  Here’s the results:  Push-ups: 24 reps –  up 7 from last test.  Sit ups:  47 reps – up 12 from last test! And I ran two miles in 19:45 – 15 seconds faster than the last test.  In all categories I scored over a 60 percent, which is where I need to be for entering Officer Candidate School.  And, scoring over 60 now gives me the privilege of eating the candy that comes in the MREs.  Now if I could just get one that has Skittles in it.  I’m just so proud of myself though, I didn’t think I had it in me.  I think the big man upstairs was sending me some extra energy .  And just think, my scores will only get better from here.

I was so excited for breakfast chow after all that physical activity.  It was amazing.  I had an english muffin breakfast sandwich, some Kashi cereal, yogurt, and fresh fruit.     Of course I didn’t have time to eat all of it, but bites of everything.  Breakfast is the best.

After we fueled our bodies, we marched.  Yes, more physical exertion.  We marched on over to the simulator range.  Each time we add a new component to our shooting we go over it dry (no ammo) for two days, go to the simulator for one day (think HUGE video game w/actual M-16’s attached), and then switch to live ammo at an outdoor range until we all perfect it.  It can get really repetitive, but this is serious stuff.  No joke, you absolutely have to get it right.  For once on the simulator, today I shot well.  It’s hard for me because the weapons there are long stocks, about 5 inches longer than my short stock.  So my hand hardly reaches the hand guard and my eye is about 2 inches away from the sight.  But today I shot 31 out of 40.  Getting better!  I really needed today.  it was good to see how much I’ve improved in everything.

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4 Responses to Athletic Champion

  1. Kim Fenske says:

    AWESOME!!!!! I continued to be amazed at what you are doing, Julian! Nice to see a bright light! God is good! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. Anne Wiegman says:

    Julie, we LOVE your posts! And we are so proud of you!
    Keep up the great work and keep telling us all about it.
    I will admit that when Brett was up to watch & celebrate the SuperBowl with us, he & Uncle Bruce kept saying “little Julie, can you believe that??” But they said it with love and awe!
    Can’t wait to see you this summer!

  3. Penny Techlin says:

    ….way to go, Julian! Hope the next one has Skittles it it!

  4. Steve Plamann says:

    Very proud of you Julian. Those are some great improvements on your test. Keep it up. I get the feeling you will be able to “hunt down” those skittles.

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