Gomez Blog 2

Mailed blog – written by Gomez — Julian’s Battle Buddy

08 Feb 11

It’s Gomez again….So, hey y’all today has been ridiculously tiring.  I’ve come down with fever and sorts of other junk, and my poor Plamann isn’t feeling too good herself.  We did the confidence course with plenty of confidence, of course.  Tomorrow we have an ARM ( Advanced Rifle Markmanship) and I pray our platoon wins the competition for that too.  My battle buddy is an amazing person, and to any guy who has ever done her wrong… You’re missing out on a good woman.  

To Plamann’s Family:  Thank you for sending mail, it really does made a difference and is very much appreciated.  People are starting to go home, but Plamann and I are going to get through all this because we motivate one another.  Our MRE’s today were also pretty good.  We both got sweets, but worked it off on the march back to the company.

Tomorrow is another day…In the mean time in Army time…HOOAH, Y’ALL


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3 Responses to Gomez Blog 2

  1. Kim Fenske says:

    Plamann and Gomez! I had every intention of coming out here and sending some encouragement your way….and found myself encouraged through your entries. I struggle with diet and exercise….and reading about your amazing accomplishments truly inspires me. You are kickin’ butt! You have come so far already and God will continue to be with you through the rest of your training. He is preparing you for great things! Stay strong..live for Him. Will pray for your platoon tomorrow! To God be the glory!

  2. Penny Techlin says:

    …Hey Gomez- Good to hear from you again! Keep up the good work and stay strong, OK?!

  3. Diana says:

    Great job in keeping each other going. God clearly sent you each other to build moral and motivation. 🙂 Thanks again for working hard in dedicating your lives to protecting me and my family. God bless you all.

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