Center Mass…at night

Mailed blog – written by Julian

10 Feb 11

I’m really forcing myself to write this one tonight.  It’s almost 2400 and we just got back to our bay.  The morning PT started at 530.  Long day.  For two days now we have been out at the range from 0900-2200, that’s a long day of shooting.  The cool part is that once it gets dark we’ve been learning how to use night vision and infrared devices.  The other cool part is the weather…man, it’s still cold.  We also switch out our M-16 rifles for M-4 rifles at night.  The M-4’s are the same as M-16’s, just smaller and they attach all the bells and whistles to shoot in the dark.  I’ve been stinking it up, I need some one-on-one attention.

We’ve been wearing all our gear this week, which has thrown a huge curve into our shooting.  Here’s a list of all the things we wear, I feel like the Michelin Man:  spandex (and underpants of course), long underwear pants, ACU (camo) pants, t-shirts, long underwear top, ACU top, armor vest (20 pounds), GORTEX Jacket, flick vest (kinda like a fishing vest with a ton of pockets), helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, socks, and boots.  And we always carry two hats, one with a brim – like a ball cap – and one like a winter hat, and four quarts of water.  I’m getting used to wearing it all, and even utilizing the latrine with it all on, but shooting is another story.  Once you lay down on the ground with all that gear, it all rides forward and it’s very hard to lift your head.  Oh, and getting up quickly is…well, I have to practice that one.  Thankfully, they’ve been busing us to the ranges so we don’t have to march with all that on…yet.  Hallelujah for that.  And hallelujah for the music the bus drivers play.  It’s not usually the type I’d listen to, but just anything’s nice.

See, this is why I don’t write some nights, cause I can never just say a couple things.  It is pretty exciting all the new things I’m learning and doing.  When I’m an old lady, I’ll have lots of outrageous memories.

Mail is finally regular.  I get letters within two days!  Thanks to my writers this week (Mags, Sheri, Angela, Kylee, Keala)!  Your words brightened my day and I loved every last sentence.  Mom & Dad too!

Time to get my 3 hours of sleep now!

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